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Premier Tanning Salons in Essex

The Strawberry Glow of salons are based in Essex (Loughton, Barkingside, Hainault and Woodford). We offer a complete range of tanning options whether you fancy a spray tan or a sunbed, We have the very latest in tanning equipment to help you achieve the most luxurious golden tan!

And that's not all... we also stock the leading self-tan brands and tanning creams including Fake Bake, Xen Tan and Australian Gold. Purchase them in store or online through our online shop (Coming Soon)... all at great prices!

Fake Bake

Sun Angel Tanning at Strawberry Glow

Tan with Confidence

The Sun Angel tanning solution gives you an amazing tan, every time!

The Sun Angel sunbed at Strawberry Glow is unique. Each clients skin is analysed before sessions which means a tanning session that is programmed specifically for your skin tone!

Unlike conventional tanning machines the UVA and UVB are blended (increased or decreased) according to your skin type, which provides a flawless tan unique to your skin type!

The analysis not only takes account of your skin tone, but will also register any recent UV exposure. The result is a perfect, natural and longer lasting tan in absolute comfort and luxury virtually eliminating the risk of over-exposure.

Since the intensity of the lamps is controlled by your skin type, the Sun Angel provides a fixed 20 minute session... Get instant results, like never before.

Hair & Beauty Services

In addition to our tanning options, we offer a wide range of beauty services including Spray Tans. We provide Nail Treatments, Hair Treatments, Hair colouring and Styling, Eye Treatments, Pedicures, Body Treatments, Waxing and Massages.

Call one of our stores for full details.

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